March 20, 2012

Him & Her -- link up

Hey yall!.. ya I said it. yall. What? I'm from west texas.
I am linking up with Cassie at come what may.
I honestly didn't know what to blog about for the coming few days.
Some things have happened. Like... I got a job. a great job. an amazing job. I'm not posting too many details yet.
But follow me on twitter to see the deets. username: ketrinlynn (same for Instagram)

I thought this link up would be a lot fun, mainly because I wanted to drill Tiel with tons of questions.
There is still so much I do not know about him & he doesn't know about me.
Even after being together for almost a year and half & living together for the majority of it.
Just today I was at his parents & found out he was terrified of dogs growing up. I WAS TOO.
Man.. our children *future children.. don't stand a chance.

Okay so here is our current trends..
Oh & I wan't to be honest with you.. tiel said something involving mia, our dog, on every single question
I had to force him into giving me an actual answer.. some I still didn't get.. you'll see..

Food - Steak (umm what? I've never cooked a steak nor has he.. guess he means when we go out)
TV Shows - PTI & anything to do with politics or news
Hobby - Laying with Mimzie (see told you)
Book - The Warburgs
Restaurant - The Flying Saucer
Candy - Reese's (um ya right.. you just said the first thing that popped into your head)
Drink - Whiskey (oh really? .. badass)
Free Time - Reading
Music- Taylor Swift (he's joking)
Movie - "Tommy Boy"
Product - His new golf putter.

Food - 90 second microwave cake *will post about this soon OR sushi. I always love sushi.
TV Shows - Bethany Ever After, Intervention, & Chopped
Hobby - BLOGGING. duh or working out
Book - Currently not reading one, very into Food Network magazine though
Restaurant - Cru or Tomo
Candy - Not that big of a candy person, I guess.. mmm.. fro yo? does that count? I adore sprinkles!
Drink - Agua. Always my favorite. I love water.
Free Time - Shopping.. it's bad.
Music - XM ch 53 chill. & rap.. I honestly love rap. I know.. I know..
Movie - Drop Dead Gorgeous, Fried Green Tomatoes, & Overboard. All time favs.
Product - do shoes count? I guess my steam mop. It is pretty awesome!

photos: last May in Montego Bay, Jamaica
see post HERE to read about our trip!



Amanda said...

As soon as I see my mr. I'll do this. He loves PTI as well. And out of all the sports show it is one of my favorite.

Nice sunset.

Courtney said...

Not to creep you out but i think we are long lost twins. Those would be like my answers on like 90% of those questins. I just got a great job this week too! SO excited and excited for you! Ok ill stop.

Britt*Secondhand Magpie said...

I'll have to do this with Micah!

Kristin Fleck said...

oooh fun! i'm going to try to get Ethan to do this with me tomorrow! :)

pictures of jamaica. just died. Gawd I miss it!! W e are thinking about going to Montego Bay in October. Last time we went to Ocho Rios!

Also, "hi tiel!"

Shane said...

Such a great link up idea! Cute pictures and answers :)

xo Shane

Ben & Cassie said...

So glad you linked up! Love these answers, you guys are too cute! That vacation looks amazing, so tan, so jealous!

Nikol Schiller said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited that you found an awesome job!! =) Love the pictures of you and Tiel. So cute!

Ruthie Hart said...

hahaha I love Tiel's hobby!! TOO CUTE!!

Ruthie Hart said...

and YAY for your job girl!!! I am not on instagram so be sure to fill us in on the deets!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Love this, I want to do one with M.


Lauren Cooper said...

just found your blog! this post is so cute!! :)